by No Red Alice

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adj \ˈwel-thē also ˈwelt-thē\

Definition of WELL-THY
: having wealth in friends, family : very affluent
: characterized by abundance in character and spirit.: ample


released September 9, 2012

All songs written and performed by No Red Alice
Recorded by Jesse Pino
Mixed/Mastered by Tyler Newton



all rights reserved


No Red Alice Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: Caught Dancing (when the music stops)
It's been another night that I've stumbled off to bed.
Raised the moon to the sunrise, drank way too much to forget
Choked on works so much that I've learned to like the taste.
And If I've ever loved at all, I've spilled it on this stage.

If it's alright with you I'd rather go to bed.
We can fight in the morning when we're numb enough to feel.
So just roll over please and I promise not to leave
We can fake that we're sleeping and pretend that we still dream.

Nothing loved me more than whiskey
Or healed me more than time
Understood me more than music
or taught me lessons like live.

So if it's not you or me please tell me who was wrong?
'Cause there's no going back from the damage that we've done
SO let's pick up the pieces and move on quietly
You can play the martyr. I'll just be me.
Track Name: Saint Josephine
In my bones there is a darkness, but in my soul I am free.
No I'm not proud of how I've acted. Guess there's no Saint Josephine.
Did we miss our chance to fix this? Seems like times keeps ticking by.
Let my mistakes be your lessons. So you keep all that you love.

So help me up and let me go.
There's no harm in trying.
So help me up and set me free
I know that I'm dying.
Someone please help me.

Lost my life in '87. Parts of me got ripped away.
Turning blind eyes to all the mattered. Selfish plans to save whats left.
Did the best with my intentions. Fell short once, but got back up.
I'll keep living if i keep moving. Forgive me please for all I've done.
Track Name: Meet Me At Nipsey's
I've embraced my ropes and dreams. Kicked the chair out to hear you scream. Any reaction is something from you good or bad. I'm a little confused. On what to say. On what to do. Watching where these things went wrong. Tortured souls that never heal scratching scabs so we can feel. Until the day I disappear.

Mind your demons boy. I cannot do this on my own
My bags are backed the band is calling .Think I'll hit the road.
Numb those feels boy these pills no longer ease my pain. Losing faith in empty bottles. I think I'll go insane.

Gouge my eyes so I can see. Stitch my mouth so i can breathe.Crippled by anxiety. Had my hate and paid my dues. Been through more than you put me through all this pain has helped me grow. In my head is something new, All my friends can pull me through. I'll return the favor when I can. That's the way it's supposed to be/ No more shit no misery. Until the day I disappear

Been through thick and been through thin. Just a tired soul and I'm struggling . Holding onto pain no more. Just let it go. .