NRA Demo 2017

by No Red Alice

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Demo 2017 -Full Band


released May 24, 2017

11st St Records
Ian Maltzman



all rights reserved


No Red Alice Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: Still Cursed
So you sold your soul Abandoned and alone.
To never die by yourself, but something you;ll never change
You love in constant fear. preaching anywhere but here.,
but that's no way to live with one foot in the grave.

It's your curse
Got a heart and it's a fist. if home is where the heart break lives. I'm packing up and heading west to go find love and happiness away.

Complain about the waves from decisions that you've made. You're capsized now, can't stand your ground. Never tp be saved.
So you hide your pain. chasing alcohol with blame
Cover scars with ink for just "one drink" hiding in your shame.
it's your curse

Impressions that you make that you give and never take. you sharpen knives and ruin lives .The lessons in my back.
I've learned to never make a whore to eternal mate. The only thing you fill are prescription pills. unless you're on your back.
It's your curse.
Track Name: Saint Josephine
In my bones there is a darkness,
but in my soul I am free.
No I'm not proud of how I acted,
guess there;s no Saint Josephine

Did we miss our chance to fix this?
Seems like time keeps passing by
Can my mistakes be your lessons
So you can keep all that you love.

Help me up and let me go.
there's no harm in trying
Help me up and set me free.
I know that i'm dying

no one can save me.

Lost my life in '87
parts of me got ripped away
turning blind eyes to all that matters
selfish plans to save what's left

I did the best with my intentions
i fell short once ,but got back up
i'll keep living if i keep moving
please forgive me for all I've done.

Help me up and let me go.
there's no harm in trying
Help me up and set me free.
I know that i'm dying

Somebody help me.
Track Name: Marry Me!
I leaned in and whispered doll these nights you can have it all. Give into what feels right and dance to your legs fall off. She hushed all my rambling with a smile that chilled my bones. Shes said I can't love you forever, but for tonight i'm all yours.

'Cause i know how this begins.
With the foul smell of deceit that loneliness brings.
and i know how this will end
One more broken heart that this world can't mend.

Are you okay with that?

I stared up and looked at stars hoping one one fall. She shook her head and laughed at me wondering where the hell I've gone. I never seem to get things right when i do I fuck them up so take my hand and dance with me girl let's fall in love.